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Web Development

Ezone Solutions's programmers team is experienced in web and desktop programming of any degree of difficulty or sophistication. No matter what you need, we know the technology it takes to create it and we have experience to create that.

We are specializing in:

  • Windows NT/2000/XP, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD

  • HTML, DHTML, XML, Perl, PHP, ASP, C/C++ , Java , VBA, JSP, ColdFusion, Javascript, VBScript, CGI, ActiveX, Flash Action Script, SSI, CSS2,.Net

  • Vusial C, Visual Basic, Delphi

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, D2, MSSQL, Access
  • WE PROTECT YOU WITH FREE LIFETIME BUG SQUASHING - Spiders, ants, grasshoppers or ladybugs. No matter what you call them, we'll crunch any little critters that creep into your site and get you back running at 100% in no time. (Try to get other designers to promise you this.)

    WE'LL CUSTOM-LEARN YOUR TECHNOLOGY, FREE -Need us to study a new technology or your already-complete system (billing for example). We'd be happy to! Cost? Heck, we love learning new things. It's free.

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